Cole Don Kelley

Courtney Nimura and Trevor Powers

Cole Don Kelley

Lindsay Metivier

Matthew Cronin

Caleb Churchill



Curated by Alicia Savage

As photography assumes a daily role in the investigation of our personal world and our constructed knowledge of it, these seven photographers — Caleb Churchill, Matthew Cronin, Vivian Ewing, Cole Don Kelley, Lindsay Metivier, Courtney Nimura, and Trevor Powers — meditate on the capacity of image-making to extract, rephrase, and construct meaning in our everyday lives.

Capturing pieces of personally viewed moments, the photographs trail with them severed ends of former connections interpreted purely within the frame of the singular photograph. These individual photographs are exhibited in groupings determined by a number of criteria including emotion and narrative implications.

In this new context, which can be interpreted as a narrative arc, the photographs are impacted by their relationship with each other, and how they complete the narrative. Their initial personal associations are partially, or wholly, subsumed by the aggregate, with a tension created between the individual image and the narrative whole. The meaning derived is now found in the viewer's subjective interpretation, and their resolution of this push and pull.

In a world increasingly defined by visual interaction, we take notice of the role and influence of the narrative’s unconscious and constant presence, and our adapting ability to deconstruct and reconstruct our experience within the flood of imagery that infiltrates our daily lives.

Flash Forward Festival 2016 at Midway Artist Studios