Alicia Savage is an artist originally from Boston Massachusetts. Her portfolio Destinations documents her solo road trips throughout the Northeast rural areas of the US and Canada. Her work studies themes of young adulthood, solitude, and the subconscious.



GLOBAL (except UK)   ALICIA SAVAGE, United States


2017/09  Self-Indulgence, Hampden Gallery, MA USA
2017/09  Real/Ideal: Turning Utopia into Reality, Boston Center of the Arts, Boston USA
2016/08  Festival de la Luz - Encuentros Abiertos, El Cultural San Martín, Buenos Aires Argentina
2016/07  Destinations, Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh Scotland
2015/05  Fotografica Bogota, Colombia 
2015/01  Self Portraits, Not Selfies, Panopticon Gallery,  Boston USA
2014/11   Strangeness, Mois de la Photo-Off (presented by Atelier TOFZ Gallery), Paris France
2014/09  Girls, Girls, Girls, StoneCrop Gallery, ME USA
2014/05  Flash Forward Festival, Fall Back, Spring Forward (presented by the PRC), Boston USA
2014/01  Ravishing, 555 Gallery, Boston US
2014/01  Moments of Stillness, Beebe Estate, Melrose MA US
2013/11   Lewin Fine Art Gallery, Tokyo Photo Expo, Tokyo Japan
2013/10  Savage Beauty, Griffin Museum at Digital Silver Imaging, Boston USA
2013/10  Fort Point Open Studios, Boston US
2013/01  Gallery 289, Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts, MA USA


2017/05 Hampstead AAF, Arusha Gallery, UK
2016/11  Edinburgh Art Fair, Arusha Gallery, UK
2016/10 Battersea AAF, Arusha Gallery, UK
2016/10 Stockholm Art Fair, Arusha Gallery, Sweden
2016/09 Manchester Art Fair, Arusha Gallery, UK
2016/05 Hampstead AAF, Arusha Gallery, UK


2017 Maine Media Workshops, Maine US
2016 Palm Beach Photographic Centre, Palm Beach US
2015 Bienvenido a LCI, Bogota Colombia
2015 New England School of Photography, Boston US
2014 Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts, Boston US